Sacred Leaders Mentorship 2016 ~ NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS


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We are accepting applications for the 2016 Sacred Leaders Mentorhship process
And, here’s what some graduates are saying:
“It’s a process where women learn to save their own lives by accessing the power of the Universe… Starting within.’
“The process was spirit-led, a transfiguration journey that had me shedding all that didn’t serve me, accelerating my soul’s development journey, all within the loving arms of a kindred tribe… Still riding on the magic.”
“This is a loving and supportive Spiritual Bootcamp….Grateful!”
“The Sacred Leaders Mentorship process was and still is everything my soul needed to fly again. It gave me tools to heal myself and know my life’s purpose.”
“I had been through a lot of spiritual and self-development process and never anything so practical and real. Life changing! I am grateful for what this has given me…”

Check it out…Experience POWER vs force. Click here to apply.