IT IS TIME FOR SELF-CARE… Join us in a city near you



40% to 85% “Helping Professionals” Risk Developing Secondary Trauma Symptoms. 83% Don’t Receive Self-Care

Renowned leadership trainer and life coach, Aina-Nia Ayo’dele is honoured to be partnering with local Human Services agencies to present The Healing Arts for Personal & Organizational Wellness™ training in their region.

The Healing Arts for Personal & Organizational Wellness™ training offers simple concepts to increase self-awareness and, provide access to practical techniques that support a more balanced work life experience. It explores the impact of secondary trauma on individuals who are entrusted with their clients’ stories. The program incorporates various ancient healing arts, including movement and other mind-body connection techniques.

At the end of the session, you will:
• Examine how secondary trauma affects your work and personal life
• Experience how to apply Self-Stewardship principles throughout your day
• Use basic healing arts techniques to minimize stressors in your mind and body
• Experience movement as a tool to increase energy level and reduce fatigue