Newsletter – June 2016


Newsletter June 2016

Wellness for Sustainability & Resilience
newsletter collageLast year, we did over 20 Professional Development workshops for staff and managers in the non-profit sector and one of the most popular programs is The Healing Arts for Personal & Organizational Wellness. The program focuses on the implications of secondary trauma stress and provides simple practical self-care tools and techniques to help mitigate its impacts.
In March, we began touring the program across Canada and shared our educational, inspiring, innovative and integrated self-care theories and practices with staff from 23 organizations in Alberta and Ontario.
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Women’s Leadership
In March, we began the SLT™ 10-month mentorship process with a dynamic and bodacious group of women who are leading in a variety of sectors. The women are already experiencing the effects of this program in their personal and professional lives as they remember their power and step into their visions.SLT-Logo (1)Next cohort begins Fall 2016 – Men Only. For details, contact SLT™ coordinator, Kemba Akinbo 

Women In Advocacy 
Advocacy CollageThis year, we chose to amplify our advocacy presence and in January we became members of AWID (Association of Women In Development). In May, we were spotlighted by AWID for our programs that sustain leaders in activism:

In September, we will present at the Black Feminist Forum as part of AWID’s 13th International Forum on Feminist Futures: Building Collective Power for Rights and Justice in Brazil.

During the Black Lives Matter Toronto protest and Black Tent City occupation in March, we were part of a network of healers holding ground with sacred space and nurturing holistic healing, in solidarity with the First Nations community.

Promoting Peace
WFP 2016 CollageThe Women For Peace Day™ on March 6th was so much fun! We laughed, cried, danced, released, affirmed and transformed. This year, we had a diverse gathering of women of various ages, abilities, sexual/gender identities, ethnicities, faiths – absolutely a vision realized by SWI. The feedback was inspiring and we affirmed that the way to global peace takes personal responsibility and an inside-out approach.  In April, we held a mini-version of Women for Peace Day™ in Fort McMurray, Alberta and welcomed more sisters to the SWI community.
We are passionate about our commitment to promote peace wherever and however we can.  SWI community and friends will gather for the Full Moon-Summer Solstice River celebration on June 20th
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele Named one of The Top 100 Black Women To Watch In Canada
Founder and Managing Director, Sacred Women International, Aina-Nia Ayo’dele was recognized on June 11 for the work she has been doing with women in Canada and internationally.   Details of the award and Aina-Nia Ayo’dele’s work will be featured on for a year. Visit for details. 2016_Prof Shot“A women’s energy is most POWERFUL when she Transforms her life, Reacquaint herself with her Creativity & Unlimited Potential. It is at this point that she experiences PEACE, FREEDOM & HARMONY.”  ~ Aina-Nia Ayo’dele